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2 Miners2 MinersOne of the mining industry’s key challenges is managing its environmental impact. Effective management is a necessity around many mining sites as populations develop and community quality of life expectations increase. The challenge for many mines is to continue to grow operations to support the same neighbourhoods that they impact, which means being smarter in the way you operate your mine.

With acceptable noise often defined as only 5 dB above background levels, mine operators have little room to play with. Similarly, ground vibration and dust from blasting and other heavy operations can cause a significant impact on surrounding communities. It’s not just about levels and concentrations either – it’s about perception. When a community perceives that acceptable limits are regularly exceeded, it can lead to complaints, a review by the local regulatory authority, and operating constraints – which can limit mine output. It is far more effective and much less costly to manage the issue pro-actively and collaboratively with stakeholders, to prevent such a situation occurring in the first place. Noise Sentinel enables you to do that.

Mine environment managers must adopt a range of measures to manage community impact effectively, by reducing impact and managing both perceptions and expectations. To add to the challenge it must also be done cost efficiently, so you can focus on mining. Noise Sentinel will help you achieve this. Originally developed to manage noise, Noise Sentinel has been extended to include ground vibration, dust and air quality. All are conveniently monitored in the same technology solution making your life easier and that of the surrounding community.

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