Project C501 Moorgate Shaft is part of the Crossrail infrastructure project that will create a new rail link across London from west to east. Over 42km of underground tunnels will link London’s main business centres in a project that is expected to start operation in 2018 and be fully operational in 2019.

Moorgate Crossrail ProjectMoorgate Crossrail Project

Brüel & Kjær worked closely with the project team to implement Noise Sentinel, a robust and effective system for managing the noise impact of construction. Noise Sentinel has continuously monitored noise around the site since November 2011 and has exceeded both the expectations of the City of London and the contractual requirements of Crossrail. The main contractor, BAM Nuttal Kier JV, has been awarded Crossrail’s Green Line Scheme award for the project. In addition, Noise Sentinel was shortlisted for the Environmental Initiative of the year at the 2013 International Tunnelling Awards.

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