Define your noise monitoring requirementsDefine your noise monitoring requirementsDeploying instrumentation can be problematic. You have to get everything setup correctly and sometime in challenging weather conditions. We’ve tried to make the process simple.

With each instrument you order you will receive two boxes, a yellow one contains the monitor itself and a black one contains all the accessories like the microphone cables, calibrator etc.

If you’ve ordered weather sensors to accompany the noise measurement then you will receive an additional box.

We’ve made it all straightforward to setup. Watch this 10 minute video to see what we mean. We also provide a checklist here to walk through each step.

When you switch the unit on it connects with Noise Sentinel automatically and receives the configuration you defined in step 1.

To take the guess work out of knowing if it’s working properly or not we’ve got a free smartphone app. Using your noise Sentinel login details, this connects to Noise Sentinel and confirms the connection right through to the NMT sat in front of you.

The app will also allow you to accurately position the monitoring location using GPS, record site observations including photographs, test and audio information, all of which is stored with your noise data in Noise Sentinel.

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