Barn Owl Directional Noise MonitoringBarn Owl Directional Noise MonitoringNoise is an inevitable by-product of many industrial practices, and where industry is co-located with the general population it can impact the surrounding communities. If industrial sites are located near other noise sources such as road, rail and other industrial premises, determining what is causing noise can be problematic, but is critical to demonstrating compliance with planning conditions.

Directional Noise Monitoring accurately determines where noise is coming from, and if it is due to an industry or process or if it can be attributed to another source. This is essential in presenting an accurate assessment of the industry’s noise impact and their compliance with noise limits.

Directional monitoring has applications in:

  • Industrial plants
  • Mines
  • Waste recycling plants
  • Wind farms
  • Any facility in a mixed source noisy environment

Directional monitoring is accomplished by deploying one or more BarnOwl® directional noise monitors. BarnOwls may be deployed with traditional noise monitoring terminals to provide a comprehensive monitoring network. Operating as part of Noise Sentinel, Directional Noise Monitoring provides the usual real-time display, alerting and reporting capabilities but in a configurable angle of interest, separating the user’s noise from everyone else's. This product data describes Directional Noise Monitoring only. The full capabilities of Noise Sentinel are covered in a separate product data, BP 2389.

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