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Directional Noise Monitor SetupsDirectional Noise Monitor SetupsThe Noise Sentinel Real-time Noise Control application shows all noise data in real time, updated every 1⁄2 second. The location of all noise monitoring terminals is identified on the map along with the current noise level. A BarnOwl directional noise monitor is shown alongside standard noise monitors, with a shaded area showing the angle of interest. The level displayed in the green circle may be defined as the noise level in the angle of interest only, or as the overall noise level, as required.

The angle of interest may be altered from within Noise Sentinel by the user as required. 

 A more comprehensive display of real-time noise is available within the Noise Sentinel client (see example in Fig. 4). Here the user can see, for a selected directional noise monitor, the overall noise, the noise due to detected sources, and the noise in the angle of interest only. This display, also updated in real time, very clearly shows the noise level of interest (in red) relative to the overall noise (in green).

Noise Sentinel Client Real Time DisplayNoise Sentinel Client Real Time DisplayThe BarnOwl directional monitor has been deployed at many Australian mines to address legislation compliance against low boundary noise limits in complex multi-source environments. With Noise Sentinel, it meets the requirements for real-time monitoring required by state planning authorities.

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