Noise Alerts

Noise Alert PanelNoise Alert PanelEquipped with directional monitoring, Noise Sentinel is able to provide normal alerting capabilities with the added benefit of knowing the direction of the noise. Noise is monitored in all directions, and when an exceedance is detected, the direction of the exceedance level is determined. If the direction is within the angle of interest, an alert will be generated. The alert is immediately displayed in the Noise Sentinel Real-time Control application and recorded in its reporting system. Depending on configuration, the alert may also be automatically transmitted via email or text message to designated persons. The alert will show the time of the exceedance, the level within the angle of interest as well as the overall level.

As with all Noise Sentinel alerts, the user can determine the outcome of the investigation and record the result in Noise Sentinel, which includes reporting.

Directional Noise Alert ReportDirectional Noise Alert ReportAlerts may be triggered by all noise, or just noise within the angle of interest. This may be appropriate when using Noise Sentinel for complaint investigation. The user can respond to the complainant, for example, by acknowledging that there was significant noise, and/or show that it did not relate to their premises.

Each noise alert is accompanied by a detailed report showing the levels measured overall, the levels measured in the angle of interest, and a radar plot. The radar plot shows data recorded during the alert period as a polar plot (angle versus level). Fig.6 shows that the loudest level was recorded to the southwest of the monitoring position.

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