Display of Dust and Air Quality Metrics

Noise Sentinel lets the user manage dust and air quality data in a similar way to noise. In the Real-time Control application, dust and air quality measurement locations are marked with a square icon. Current levels can be seen in the blue boxes to the left in Fig. 1, and also by passing the mouse over the monitoring location. Any warning or violation level exceedances are shown to the right. Fig. 1 An example of the Real-time Control application screen Noise Sentinel supports a range of dust metrics, including PM10, PM2.5 and Total Suspended Particles (TSP). Depending on the instrumentation chosen, simultaneous measurements are possible. Air quality measurements can include nitrous oxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, total hydrocarbons, and others on request.

Recent measurement history of the recorded levels over several hours is available. This enables the operator to see trends and determine if there is an air quality issue to be addressed, or to instigate dust mitigation actions such as damping down. Measurements are taken regularly, from 1 minute to several hour intervals, depending on the instrumentation used. Weather conditions including wind speed, wind direction, temperature, pressure humidity and rainfall are shown at the top of the screen (see Fig. 2).

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