Managing Real Time Noise

Real Time Noise - Noise Sentinel Control AppReal Time Noise - Noise Sentinel Control AppIn the Waste Recovery Park control room, the Noise Sentinel Control App is constantly displayed on a screen mounted on the wall.

Current noise levels are displayed over an aerial photograph of the site. The current noise level, updated every second, is displayed at the position of each terminal.

Any terminal that has triggered a warning is displayed in Orange and any terminal with an exceedance condition will be displayed in flashing Red. This immediately gives the operator the location of the noise issue indicating who to contact or how to respond. Current noise levels are also shown in blue on the left hand side.

On the right hand side is a list of alerts. Noise Sentinel automatically creates an alert when levels approach the defined criteria. The alert is displayed as a red box and also triggers an email or SMS message.

“We are operating under strict noise limits, and because of the easy access to sound recordings it is possible for us to rule out breaches due to truck traffic or heavy weather conditions, in a fast and efficient way” - Gordon MacDougall Project Director at Global Renewables

When an alert occurs the operations control room operatives can immediately click on the alert to see the location and extent of the noise level.

Clicking a second button replays the audio recorded by the NMT for the alert. This enables the control room operatives to determine the nature of the noise occurrence and whether or not it was attributed to the operation of the plant.

Following an investigation into each alert, the control room operator can enter text into the alert which identifies the root cause of each incident and whether or not it represents a breach of the site planning conditions. It is possible for the system to generate an alert that an exceedance has occurred, however this doesn’t necessarily represent that a breach of the planning condition has taken place. Therefore the system generates an audit trail for each event and the date and time it occurred.

If it is determined to be plant noise, then the Technical Manager can take immediate action to contact the relevant part of the facility to take action to reduce limits. Continuing to view the display will confirm when action has taken place.

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