Why Noise and Vibration Monitoring?

Activity across large construction projects and mining facilities can cause significant noise and ground vibration, sometimes for prolonged periods of time. Because of this, vibration is routinely highlighted as a concern in many environmental planning studies.

Continuous monitoring is necessary to reduce business risk.

Good practices to reduce risk:

  • Implement continuous vibration monitoring to manage the risk of building damage or disruption to nearby sensitive equipment
  • Implement continuous noise monitoring to manage noise nuisance and limit complaints that risk causing delays and increasing costs

Noise Sentinel alerts you immediately when noise or vibration exceeds defined levels, allowing you to take immediate action to change operations before a breach occurs. 

Continuous monitoring also allows you to work right up to your noise and vibration limits, and maximize productivity, confident that Noise Sentinel will alert you should there be a problem. You can investigate the source to verify that the exceedance is associated with your activities and then take appropriate action. Should frequent exceedances occur, you have all the data at hand to analyse the issue and take advice on mitigation measures.

With all detailed measurements recorded and maintained, any complaints or claims can be easily referenced against actual measurements showing that monitoring was taking place, demonstrating compliance with operating restrictions, and highlighting the cause of any exceedance.

We help our customers measure and manage the quality of sound and vibration in their products and in the environment
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