Vibration Alerts

Vibration alerts are activated when the vibration level exceeds the defined threshold or a stated criterion at any of the active monitoring points. Immediately after a vibration alert is registered, the on-screen Alert Box shows additional information, such as a summary showing the extent of the alert and the time and duration of the exceedance. Using this information, you can make an immediate decision on what action to take.

Alerts can also be set up to send an email to a defined distribution list, or a text message to specified mobile phones. The recipients will immediately receive relevant information about the alert, such as:

  • The location
  • Date and time
  • The PPV and dominant frequency in each axis

A more detailed description of the vibration alert is available by clicking Details. The Details page displays a Vibration Alert Report showing the vibration waveform in each axis and a compliance chart that plots the PPV and zero crossing frequency of each vibration cycle that can be used to assess the impact for structural damage or complaints. Compliance charts may be selected from a range of common international standards.

Use the Comment Box to make notes about the alert and the investigation, which can then be applied and stored for later reporting. If noise monitoring is performed at the same time and location as vibration monitoring, a sound file will capture what is happening at the time of the vibration exceedance. Click on the audio link (indicated by a music note symbol) to replay the audio. This setup provides a valuable source of input to identify causes. 

An example of a red Alert Box indicating an exceedance.An example of a red Alert Box indicating an exceedance.

Note that alerting is triggered from the measurement of Peak Particle Velocity in mm/s. Alerts may also be defined to take into account time of day, dominant frequency and PPV level. In this way only alerts likely to cause nuisance and/or structural damage will be brought to your attention, saving you valuable time.

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