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Smarter Mine Environment Management

2 Miners2 MinersOne of the mining industry’s key challenges is managing its environmental impact. Effective management is a necessity around many mining sites as populations develop and community quality of life expectations increase. The challenge for many mines is to continue to grow operations to support the same neighbourhoods that they impact, which means being smarter in the way you operate your mine.

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Building environmental capacity – The modern approach to mining

Annoyance issues surrounding the mining industry can now benefit from years of smart environmental noise monitoring at airports, which brings a whole new way of looking at the problem.

Environmental capacity – a concept for our time

In our environmentally conscious age, industries like mining are facing tighter restrictions than ever before. As settlements near mines grow along with their inhabitants’ expectations, environmental noise has to meet demanding limits. Often these are set to as little as 5 dB above background levels, leaving little room for new development.

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