DENMARK, September 2014

Consultants already using Brüel & Kjaer’s Type 2250 Noise Analyzers can now add yet another service to their resume. Matching Type 2250 with a Noise Sentinel ¬– on Demand account, they can perform 24/7 unattended noise monitoring and can present data only few hours after connecting to the equipment.

The service enables 2250 user to not only utilize their existing SLM stock at a maximum, they are also able to react to demand very quickly and present immediate measurement results.

Noise Sentinel - On Demand is a subscription-based service, which is ideal for short-term noise monitoring projects, including spot surveys or compliance monitoring or complaint assessment for construction projects. The web-based system displays real-time noise, alerts the operator to any threshold exceedances and delivers regular noise compliance reports.

Consultants without a Type 2250 can lease NMTs for use with Noise Sentinel - On Demand online, and then receive everything required for the job by courier in a couple of days, enabling them to start measuring quickly. The cloud-based service makes the data immediately accessible from anywhere on the Internet. Once the monitoring project is complete, the consultant retains access to their measurement data and can add a new project at any time.

With leased hardware, the whole service includes everything from measurement hardware to freight cost including, importantly, all communications costs.



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