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Noise Sentinel – Product Data

Noise SentinelNoise SentinelNoise Sentinel is a Web-based subscription service that provides continuous, real-time monitoring and compliance management. Audio playback for investigation and comprehensive reporting provides a traceable record of your regulatory compliance. Originally developed to address industrial activities causing noise disruptions, it has gradually developed to include noise, ground vibration, dust, and air quality.

At the core of Noise Sentinel is an innovative, cloud-based Web application supported by a range of tailored services. If you are an end user in construction, mining or any other noisy industry, Noise Sentinel takes care of the complications associated with monitoring compliance. If you offer consulting services to these industries Noise Sentinel is equally valuable, delivering the accurate and complete data you need to support your value added consulting services.

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Directional Noise Monitoring

Barn Owl Directional Noise MonitoringBarn Owl Directional Noise MonitoringNoise is an inevitable by-product of many industrial practices, and where industry is co-located with the general population it can impact the surrounding communities. If industrial sites are located near other noise sources such as road, rail and other industrial premises, determining what is causing noise can be problematic, but is critical to demonstrating compliance with planning conditions.

Directional Noise Monitoring accurately determines where noise is coming from, and if it is due to an industry or process or if it can be attributed to another source. This is essential in presenting an accurate assessment of the industry’s noise impact and their compliance with noise limits.

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Dust & Air Quality Management

Dust and Air Quality MonitoringDust and Air Quality MonitoringNoise Sentinel is a strong choice for managing noise impact in industries such as construction and mining. In these industries and in others, the management of dust and air quality is also an issue that can significantly impact the surrounding community.

Adding dust and air quality monitoring to Noise Sentinel is straightforward, employing the same techniques of alerting, exceedance management and compliance reporting within the same system. Monitoring is cost-effective and easy, as a single system manages all elements: noise, dust and air quality. The learning curve is shortened, and Noise Sentinel retains a complete set of all environmental compliance data.

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Ground Vibration Monitoring

Ground Vibration MonitoringGround Vibration MonitoringNoise Sentinel is not just about managing noise. Many activities that cause noise may also impact in other ways such as ground vibration, dust and air pollutants. Noise Sentinel is capable of managing all of these, simultaneously, through the same familiar Web based environment making it easier to use and more costeffective to implement.

Noise Sentinel takes care of the hassle associated with monitoring compliance including instrument provision, installation, operation, data capture, records management calibration and fault rectification. We even take everything away at the end of the project. You access the data from anywhere over the Internet 24/ 7 freeing you to operate more efficiently.

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Noise Monitoring Terminals Types 3639 and 3655

3639 Noise Monitoring Terminal in a city3639 Noise Monitoring Terminal in a cityThe Brüel & Kjær family of Noise Monitoring Terminals (NMTs) is ideal for anyone who needs to continuously monitor noise levels in order to demonstrate compliance with regulations, manage their activities, limit noise impact or measure to improve their noise maps. Each NMT provides noise information you can trust, enabling you to make real-time decisions to avoid breaching noise restrictions. Unlike other instruments that are not specifically designed for continuous unattended outdoor monitoring, Brüel & Kjær NMTs accurately and reliably capture data. Each unit runs with little user attention, which reduces your total monitoring cost and reduces the demands on your valuable time.

The family of Noise Monitoring Terminals (NMTs) is made up of intelligent units designed to work unattended as part of an environmental noise monitoring system for permanent, mobile or portable monitoring. Using Brüel & Kjær noise management software, the NMTs can be controlled by a remote PC enabling them to measure, record, process, store and transmit noise information.

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