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Noise Sentinel Noise, Vibration, Dust & Air Quality

Sentinel Long Term/Permanent Monitoring

Noise, Vibration, Dust and Air Quality. Intended for permanent or multi-year environmental compliance monitoring at construction sites, mines, ports, entertainment venues and industrial sites.

Delivers peace of mind
Simplifies your business
Provides certainty of cost

From a single, independent provider you and your stakeholders can trust
Noise Sentinel takes away the headache of
monitoring environmental compliance.

Sentinel on Demand
Sentinel on DemandShort-term noise monitoring

Sentinel on Demand, short term noise monitoring solution for noise consultants, public authorities or anyone with ongoing monitoring projects.

Makes your business more agile
Optimizes your cost base
Reduces financial risk
Increases business opportunity
Short term noise monitoring
that works the way you need to.

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3639 Noise Monitoring Terminal in a city3639 Noise Monitoring Terminal in a cityThe Brüel & Kjær family of Noise Monitoring Terminals (NMTs) is ideal for anyone who needs to continuously monitor noise levels in order to demonstrate compliance with regulations, manage their activities, limit noise impact or measure to improve their noise maps. Each NMT provides noise information you can trust, enabling you to make real-time decisions to avoid breaching noise restrictions. Unlike other instruments that are not specifically designed for continuous unattended outdoor monitoring, Brüel & Kjær NMTs accurately and reliably capture data. Each unit runs with little user attention, which reduces your total monitoring cost and reduces the demands on your valuable time.

The family of Noise Monitoring Terminals (NMTs) is made up of intelligent units designed to work unattended as part of an environmental noise monitoring system for permanent, mobile or portable monitoring. Using Brüel & Kjær noise management software, the NMTs can be controlled by a remote PC enabling them to measure, record, process, store and transmit noise information.

Easily get the business outcomes you need with managed, continuous environmental monitoring services.
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