Portable Noise Monitoring Terminal setupPortable Noise Monitoring Terminal setupThe Noise Sentinel – On Demand subscription model has been designed to be flexible to cope with differing requirements and to align with the way that you charge your clients for noise monitoring services.

Monitoring subscription

If you are using your own compatible instrumentation then you pay only a monitoring subscription of approximately US$30/€20 per location per day. This is charged for every day that data is collected by Noise Sentinel – On Demand. There is a minimum monitoring period of 1 week. With this subscription you have full access to Noise Sentinel with real time display and alerting. Data is captured automatically for the requested period. It is easy to extend or shorten your monitoring programme at any time using the online tools.

After the monitoring is complete your data remains accessible on Noise Sentinel – On Demand for as long as your data subscription continues – see below.

Monitoring and instrument subscription

To include instrument rental you need the monitoring and instrument subscription. This is charged at app. US$105/€70 per location per day with a minimum monitoring period of 4 weeks. It includes everything you need to monitor noise at one location as well as the services provided under the monitoring subscription. After 4 weeks, payment is charged per commenced week.

Weather SensorsWeather SensorsWeather sensors

Continuous monitoring of metrological conditions may be required at one or more locations and may be added to any monitoring and instrument subscription for an additional app. US$20/€15 per location per day. As with the instrument subscription there is a minimum monitoring period of 4 weeks and includes everything you need to accompany your noise data with detailed weather data.

Data subscription

The data subscription is a small fee which covers the ongoing hosting of your data once it has been captured from the instrumentation. It is included with the above subscriptions providing that you use the platform at least once every 12 months.

If you haven’t used Noise Sentinel – On Demand for more than 12 months and you have more than 2GByte* of previous monitored data stored then we will contact you with several options to maintain your data

  1. You can order a monitoring programme to be executed within the next 3 months and we will continue hosting your data
  2. You can pay a data subscription fee of app. US$175/€100 per year to maintain your data on Noise Sentinel – On Demand and maintain access using Noise Sentinel
  3. You can decide that you no longer need your data hosted on Noise Sentinel – On Demand. You can export your data and after 1 month your account will expire and your data will be deleted from our servers.


Changes to the subscription model - We may change the subscription model from time to time in order to tailor it better to your needs. If we make changes we will inform you in writing first. Any monitoring programmes already ordered remain valid as quoted.

All subscriptions are payable in your local currency and confirmed fixed at the time of ordering. Amounts quoted above are in US Dollars and Euro and indicative only.

* 2 Gbytes of data is approximately 300 location days of broadband noise data or 30 location days for full 1/3rd octave data. Extensive storage of audio data will increase data storage accordingly.

Subscription Model Options

-- Monitoring Monitoring and instrument Weather sensor Data Subscription
Full access to Noise Sentinel o o o o
Continuous data collection o o o  
Real time display o o o  
Real time alerting o o o  
Reporting o o o o
Data hosting o o o o
Remote access o o o o
Quoting o o o o
Noise Monitoring Terminal   o    
Microphone and cable   o    
Wind speed & direction Temperature Pressure humidity & rainfall sensors     o  
Mounting arm     o  
Tripod with 3 guy ropes and pegs   o o  
Mobile 3G communications   o    
32 hours rechargeable battery pack   o    
Mains power supply   o    
Cable for external batteries   o    
Security cable and locks   o o  
Acoustic calibrator   o    
Assembly Toolkit   o    
Shipping case   o o  
Shipment to and from site   o o  
Assembly and testing instruction sheet   o o  


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