How is Noise Sentinel Different?

Noise Sentinel differs from other noise measurement systems because it is a managed service. You purchase a subscription and we provide everything you need to accurately report your compliance. Your subscription includes:

  • Instrumentation, installation, commissioning and testing
  • Data collection, recovery, storage and processing
  • Report generation and distribution
  • Ongoing fault fixing, data collection checks, preventative maintenance and calibration
  • Instrumentation recovery and data transfer at the conclusion of your subscription

The Noise Sentinel managed service takes care of everything you need freeing you to concentrate on our core responsibilities.

Modular Applications to Match Your Needs

For many users of Noise Sentinel, managing exceedances is the key purpose. It enables you to control operations and maintain compliance within operating restrictions, whether they relate to noise, vibration, dust, or air quality.

To learn more about Noise Sentinel Dust and Air Quality Management, see Product Data BP 2490.

To learn more about Noise Sentinel Directional Noise Monitoring, see Product Data BP 2488.

To learn more about Noise Sentinel Vibration Monitoring, see Product Data BP 2497.

We help our customers measure and manage the quality of sound and vibration in their products and in the environment
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