Noise SentinelNoise SentinelNoise Sentinel is a Web-based subscription service that provides continuous, real-time monitoring and compliance management. Audio playback for investigation and comprehensive reporting provides a traceable record of your regulatory compliance. Originally developed to address industrial activities causing noise disruptions, it has gradually developed to include noise, ground vibration, dust, and air quality.

At the core of Noise Sentinel is an innovative, cloud-based Web application supported by a range of tailored services. If you are an end user in construction, mining or any other noisy industry, Noise Sentinel takes care of the complications associated with monitoring compliance. If you offer consulting services to these industries Noise Sentinel is equally valuable, delivering the accurate and complete data you need to support your value added consulting services.

We achieve this by providing everything you need to meet your monitoring obligations, including instrumentation, installation, operation, data capture, records management, calibration and fault rectification.

The service is all-inclusive and even covers communication costs. Noise Sentinel is suitable for long-term ongoing use or in applications with a fixed duration such as construction, where at the completion of works we take everything away. As operation is automatic, you can access the data from anywhere over the Internet 24/7, freeing you to operate more effectively. You do not have to invest in technology, only in the data that you need, making you more cost-efficient.

Noise Sentinel:

  • Delivers peace of mind
  • Simplifies your business
  • Provides certainty of cost
  • Is from a single, independent provider you and your stakeholders can trust

Noise Sentinel’s unique approach to establishing a noise monitoring regime frees you to manage your core business, rather than operating and maintaining a noise monitoring system. When you contract a Noise Sentinel service, there is an initial first year subscription followed by a fixed quarterly fee for the life of the contract; Brüel & Kjær take care of the rest.

Uses and Features


  • Manage compliance with operating restrictions
  • Reduce business risk
  • Show regulators and communities you are in compliance
  • Capture data to respond to complaints and queries
  • Maximise your operations within stated limits
  • Adjust operations to reduce impact
  • Applications in any outdoor situation where long- term noise compliance management is needed, including construction, mining, ports, power generation, chemical plants, wind farms and entertainment venues.


  • Control and adjust operations in real-time to reduce impact
  • Simultaneous measurement of noise, vibration, dust and air quality
  • Continuous unattended operation
  • Alerts on exceedance, enabling you to take immediate action to reduce impact
  • Audio recording to aid remote investigation of cause
  • Automatic compliance reporting
  • 24-hour remote access over the Internet

Applications Noise Sentinel

Applications of Noise SentinelApplications of Noise Sentinel 

Benefits of Noise Sentinel

Immediate Data Access

  • Find out what is happening now, in real-time, and get immediate access to historical noise levels
  • Receive alerts when noise levels exceed defined criteria, enabling you to take action quickly
  • Compile regular (for example, weekly) and ad hoc noise compliance reports
  • Investigate and respond to queries about your noise impact
  • Closely examine data if events demand further investigation

Simplified Operations

  • Noise Sentinel leaves you free to focus on your core business, not on operating a monitoring system
  • Work right up to your environmental limits confident that real-time alerting will let you know if there is a problem
  • The service is flexible, adapting to changes in the monitoring programme as it progresses, adding features and additional monitoring sites
  • All of the noise data, real-time and historic, are available for viewing. Compose reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through a secure Internet interface
  • Standards traceability is maintained by Brüel & Kjær. Should there be a challenge at any point in the future, you can use the collected data to defend your position
  • We look after all your data so you do not have to back it up • All equipment is removed at the completion of the programme

Confidence in Compliance Management

  • Brüel & Kjær personnel manage the entire system 24 hours a day
  • Data are checked and verified by Brüel & Kjær to detail any data limitations, ensuring that you have the full picture before using the data
  • The system is tailored to provide the information you need for optimal operations within your noise limits
  • Brüel & Kjær's top-quality instrumentation, training and software deliver the results you need to manage your business

Simplified Finances

  • Reduces the capital expenditure to commence monitoring
  • Provides certainty of cost throughout the life of the monitoring programme
  • Lowers total cost of operation

What is Noise Sentinel?

Noise Sentinel lets you see what's going on wherever you areNoise Sentinel lets you see what's going on wherever you areNoise Sentinel takes away the headache of running your own monitoring programme. We take care of everything, providing you with the high quality noise, vibration, dust, and air quality data you need to manage your operations and demonstrate compliance. We take care of the entire measurement chain, freeing you to focus on your core job of managing and/or mitigating the impact.

Our Realtime Control application automatically alerts you to exceedances and warns of pending exceedances. This application allows you to view current noise levels, vibration waveforms, dust and contaminant levels and listen to audio recorded at the time of the alert, helping you to identify the cause of any noise or vibration exceedances. The results of the investigation are recorded for later reference, and all recorded data are available through any standard Web browser. Users access Noise Sentinel from a standard connection to the Internet and can view data within a few seconds of real-time.

Using best-in-class monitoring equipment from Brüel & Kjær and select partners, Noise Sentinel delivers the peace of mind that your operation is being properly monitored, and provides a level of independence that regulators and communities will appreciate.

Provided as a fixed price subscription service including everything you need to provide high quality impact data, you can be certain of your monitoring costs throughout your operation. Because you are not buying the equipment, there are much lower establishment fees than if you were to purchase and operate your own instrumentation. 

How is Noise Sentinel Different?

Noise Sentinel differs from other noise measurement systems because it is a managed service. You purchase a subscription and we provide everything you need to accurately report your compliance. Your subscription includes:

  • Instrumentation, installation, commissioning and testing
  • Data collection, recovery, storage and processing
  • Report generation and distribution
  • Ongoing fault fixing, data collection checks, preventative maintenance and calibration
  • Instrumentation recovery and data transfer at the conclusion of your subscription

The Noise Sentinel managed service takes care of everything you need freeing you to concentrate on our core responsibilities.

Modular Applications to Match Your Needs

For many users of Noise Sentinel, managing exceedances is the key purpose. It enables you to control operations and maintain compliance within operating restrictions, whether they relate to noise, vibration, dust, or air quality.

To learn more about Noise Sentinel Dust and Air Quality Management, see Product Data BP 2490.

To learn more about Noise Sentinel Directional Noise Monitoring, see Product Data BP 2488.

To learn more about Noise Sentinel Vibration Monitoring, see Product Data BP 2497.

Managing Noise in Real Time


The Alerting Process


Reporting Noise Compliance

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