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The noise monitoring challenge

You ask yourself a lot of questions before considering a noise monitoring project

  • Do I have enough measurement equipment?
  • If not, can I afford to buy it?
  • If I do buy it, when will I use it again and how long before I recover the cost?
  • Is the equipment setup correctly?
  • How can I be sure it's all setup properly before I leave the site?
  • When I go to collect it will I find that it stopped working and I've got not data?
  • Whilst I'm monitoring how do I know when I've got enough data?

Countries and Services

Support of Own Sound Level Meter
Leased Equipment Available
Andorra Y Y
Australia Y Y
Austria Y  
Belgium Y Y
Canada Y Y
Denmark Y Y
France Y Y
Germany Y Y
Ireland y Y
Luxembourg Y Y
Monaco Y Y
Netherlands Y Y
New Zealand Y  
Poland Y  
Portugal  Y   
Spain  Y  
Sweden Y Y
Switzerland Y  
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