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Well now we make it all simpler for you with Noise Sentinel – On Demand, our award winning Noise Sentinel software as a service offering coupled with short term rental of instrumentation.

Unlike established methods of monitoring which require significant capital investment, you can use our instrumentation, or one of your own compatible Brüel & Kjær sound level meters1, and pay a subscription fee for the period of monitoring. Whilst monitoring you can view noise and weather data in real time, receive immediate alerts should levels approach compliance limits and capture all noise data in high resolution for post processing and reporting, even while monitoring is ongoing.

After monitoring is completed you return any equipment you have leased. Beyond that we continue to look after your data securely and safely in the cloud for as long as you like, making it easy to find, easy to share and accessible anywhere over the internet.

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1 Service may vary from country to country. See table below for details.

Countries and Services

Support of Own Sound Level Meter
Leased Equipment Available
Andorra Y Y
Australia Y Y
Austria Y  
Belgium Y Y
Canada Y Y
Denmark Y Y
France Y Y
Germany Y Y
Ireland y Y
Luxembourg Y Y
Monaco Y Y
Netherlands Y Y
New Zealand Y  
Poland Y  
Portugal  Y   
Spain  Y  
Sweden Y Y
Switzerland Y  
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