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Make best use of your own kit 

Noise Sentinel – On Demand supports the 2250 family of sound level meters (2250-L, 2250 and 2270). You define which instrumentation you want to use with Noise Sentinel – On Demand and we guide you through checking if the hardware is compatible and updating the software if needed. You will need to supply compatible accessories such as authorised SD cards and enable access to the internet. We provide guidance on choosing and setting up a router and SIM card and all that is required to connect the 2250 to the internet via a router or LAN.

Once you have done this you are ready to monitor noise as described below.


Countries and Services

Support of Own Sound Level Meter
Leased Equipment Available
Andorra Y Y
Australia Y Y
Austria Y  
Belgium Y Y
Canada Y Y
Denmark Y Y
France Y Y
Germany Y Y
Ireland y Y
Luxembourg Y Y
Monaco Y Y
Netherlands Y Y
New Zealand Y  
Poland Y  
Portugal  Y   
Spain  Y  
Sweden Y Y
Switzerland Y  
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