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The noise monitoring challenge

You ask yourself a lot of questions before considering a noise monitoring project

  • Do I have enough measurement equipment?
  • If not, can I afford to buy it?
  • If I do buy it, when will I use it again and how long before I recover the cost?
  • Is the equipment setup correctly?
  • How can I be sure it's all setup properly before I leave the site?
  • When I go to collect it will I find that it stopped working and I've got not data?
  • Whilst I'm monitoring how do I know when I've got enough data?

What is it?

Noise SentinelNoise Sentinel

Well now we make it all simpler for you with Noise Sentinel – On Demand, our award winning Noise Sentinel software as a service offering coupled with short term rental of instrumentation.

Unlike established methods of monitoring which require significant capital investment, you can use our instrumentation, or one of your own compatible Brüel & Kjær sound level meters1, and pay a subscription fee for the period of monitoring. Whilst monitoring you can view noise and weather data in real time, receive immediate alerts should levels approach compliance limits and capture all noise data in high resolution for post processing and reporting, even while monitoring is ongoing.

After monitoring is completed you return any equipment you have leased. Beyond that we continue to look after your data securely and safely in the cloud for as long as you like, making it easy to find, easy to share and accessible anywhere over the internet.

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1 Service may vary from country to country. See table below for details.

What are the benefits?

With Noise Sentinel – On Demand now you can :

Optimize your cost base: don’t invest in instrumentation that lies idle when you’re not using it, always use the most up to date instrumentation, no longer any need to worry about upgrades, calibration, or have it depreciating on your books. We remove the complexity around outdoor noise monitoring increasing your efficiency.

Reduce financial risk: leasing equipment from us, there are zero up-front costs and everything including shipping and communications charges in included in your subscription. Subscription payments for the service, even when used with your own sound level meter, are due in arrears and therefore align with your revenue streams. Being able to use existing equipment you own for subscription-based noise monitoring also reduces financial risk.

Increase business opportunity: with optimised costs, reduced financial risk and increased agility, now you can take on more monitoring projects and monitor at more locations for longer, delivering a better result for your client.

Protect all your data: everything is hosted securely in your own reserved cloud space, accessible anywhere over the internet, you can even upload additional files such as summary reports and supplementary information so that everything is stored together with each monitoring project – no more lost data should you need to access it years into the future.

Helps you deliver your client peace of mind: whether you are monitoring compliance or providing background measurements for planning applications you can show your client that you know what’s happening on site and you have their noise issues under control.

Take a look at our information center to see case studies on how Noise Sentinel is being used.

Here's how it works

You first register and provide details which enable us to set up a line of credit for your monitoring programs. When complete, we’ll email you with confirmation and you are free to start monitoring.

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Make best use of your own kit 

Noise Sentinel – On Demand supports the 2250 family of sound level meters (2250-L, 2250 and 2270). You define which instrumentation you want to use with Noise Sentinel – On Demand and we guide you through checking if the hardware is compatible and updating the software if needed. You will need to supply compatible accessories such as authorised SD cards and enable access to the internet. We provide guidance on choosing and setting up a router and SIM card and all that is required to connect the 2250 to the internet via a router or LAN.

Once you have done this you are ready to monitor noise as described below.


5 step process

Noise Sentinel – On Demand addresses the challenges faced when providing short term unattended noise monitoring projects. Noise Sentinel – On Demand is a simple, five step process driven entirely online. It makes it easy to use and flexible to fit your requirements.



You define the monitoring program online including how many locations, where, when and over what period. You can use your own equipment or equipment from our depot. When you’ve defined everything we tell you how much it will cost and you can choose to create an official quote for use in documenting your costs to your client/management or to commit the order

When using your own equipment, check here to ensure that it is compatible and for help to update it and set it up for use.



We send the instrumentation you’ve requested to your location via courier the day before your monitoring starts. We include everything you need; tripod, microphone, cables, locks, cell phone access and even a calibrator.1

1 Service may vary from country to country. See table below for details.



You setup the equipment on site. We’ve made this easy, just connect everything together and switch it on. Instrument settings are taken care of for you automatically. You can use our smartphone app to confirm that everything is operational, precisely locate the monitoring units, document site observations and capture site photographs to include in reports.



Now you can use the full capabilities of Noise Sentinel to remotely review noise levels, receive alerts if levels exceed limits, listen to audio recordings to investigate alerts, view trends and automatically produce reports with detailed noise levels and summary compliance information.



At the completion of your monitoring program you collect all the field equipment and our courier picks it up from you to return to our depot. We check it on receipt and return it to our stores ready for the next customer.

Full details of the capabilities of Noise Sentinel are available in the Noise Sentinel data sheet. 

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Subscription model

You pay a fee for the supply of instrumentation based on the number of locations and the duration of monitoring. If you are using your own instrumentation, there is a reduced fee for data capture only. In addition there is a small subscription fee based on the amount of data stored on Noise Sentinel.

Subscriptions are quoted and billed in your local currency at the time of ordering and range from US$30 per location per day for data capture only to US$105 per location per day for instrumentation and data capture

Everything is included in the subscription including communication charges and shipping, so that you know what you are spending on monitoring. When you order the equipment we tell you exactly how much it will cost and this price is fixed so that you know what you will spend. 

View our standard pricing schedule.

Subscriptions are payable monthly in arrears which aligns with the payments from your customers. There are no upfront fees.

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Own equipment or leased NMT?

You can mix and match your own compatible sound level meter with leased, pre-configured portable NMTs that include all accessories required and come with valid accredited calibration certificates. 1 

When you use your 2250, you supply your own accessories and, importantly, provide internet-communications using for example a router and SIM card. 

With leased NMTs from Brüel & Kjær, all the accessories (outdoor microphone, calibrator, router and SIM card, environmental protection, tripod and security accessories) and the communication costs are included.

When you register your 2250 for use with Noise Sentinel – On Demand, we guide you through a compatibility check and help you set it up. With the leased NMT, this is done for you.

If you use your own 2250, you can start a monitoring the very same day while delivery times for leased NMTs are 3 days. 

Other than that, you use your 2250 and Leased NMTs in exactly the same way. 

By the way, if you need to use equipment with accredited calibration, our Noise Sentinel – On Demand Leased NMT is a very cost-effective alternative.

Note, for users who have little experience of network communication, or wish to have a solution where communication costs for the monitoring period are covered, our Noise Sentinel – On Demand Leased NMT is a very cost-effective alternative to investing in and setting up routers and communication subscriptions.

To purchase a 2250 sound level meter, contact your local Brüel & Kjær representative or go to our corporate website to get a quote.

1 Service may vary from country to country. See table below for details.


Still have questions? View more info below

Download the 2 page Noise Sentinel - On Demand Flyer


Countries and Services

Support of Own Sound Level Meter
Leased Equipment Available
Andorra Y Y
Australia Y Y
Austria Y  
Belgium Y Y
Canada Y Y
Denmark Y Y
France Y Y
Germany Y Y
Ireland y Y
Luxembourg Y Y
Monaco Y Y
Netherlands Y Y
New Zealand Y  
Poland Y  
Portugal  Y   
Spain  Y  
Sweden Y Y
Switzerland Y  
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