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5 step process

Noise Sentinel – On Demand addresses the challenges faced when providing short term unattended noise monitoring projects. Noise Sentinel – On Demand is a simple, five step process driven entirely online. It makes it easy to use and flexible to fit your requirements.



You define the monitoring program online including how many locations, where, when and over what period. You can use your own equipment or equipment from our depot. When you’ve defined everything we tell you how much it will cost and you can choose to create an official quote for use in documenting your costs to your client/management or to commit the order

When using your own equipment, check here to ensure that it is compatible and for help to update it and set it up for use.



We send the instrumentation you’ve requested to your location via courier the day before your monitoring starts. We include everything you need; tripod, microphone, cables, locks, cell phone access and even a calibrator.1

1 Service may vary from country to country. See table below for details.



You setup the equipment on site. We’ve made this easy, just connect everything together and switch it on. Instrument settings are taken care of for you automatically. You can use our smartphone app to confirm that everything is operational, precisely locate the monitoring units, document site observations and capture site photographs to include in reports.



Now you can use the full capabilities of Noise Sentinel to remotely review noise levels, receive alerts if levels exceed limits, listen to audio recordings to investigate alerts, view trends and automatically produce reports with detailed noise levels and summary compliance information.



At the completion of your monitoring program you collect all the field equipment and our courier picks it up from you to return to our depot. We check it on receipt and return it to our stores ready for the next customer.

Full details of the capabilities of Noise Sentinel are available in the Noise Sentinel data sheet. 

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Countries and Services

Support of Own Sound Level Meter
Leased Equipment Available
Andorra Y Y
Australia Y Y
Austria Y  
Belgium Y Y
Canada Y Y
Denmark Y Y
France Y Y
Germany Y Y
Ireland y Y
Luxembourg Y Y
Monaco Y Y
Netherlands Y Y
New Zealand Y  
Poland Y  
Portugal  Y   
Spain  Y  
Sweden Y Y
Switzerland Y  
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