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Subscription model

You pay a fee for the supply of instrumentation based on the number of locations and the duration of monitoring. If you are using your own instrumentation, there is a reduced fee for data capture only. In addition there is a small subscription fee based on the amount of data stored on Noise Sentinel.

Subscriptions are quoted and billed in your local currency at the time of ordering and range from US$30 per location per day for data capture only to US$105 per location per day for instrumentation and data capture

Everything is included in the subscription including communication charges and shipping, so that you know what you are spending on monitoring. When you order the equipment we tell you exactly how much it will cost and this price is fixed so that you know what you will spend. 

View our standard pricing schedule.

Subscriptions are payable monthly in arrears which aligns with the payments from your customers. There are no upfront fees.

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Countries and Services

Support of Own Sound Level Meter
Leased Equipment Available
Andorra Y Y
Australia Y Y
Austria Y  
Belgium Y Y
Canada Y Y
Denmark Y Y
France Y Y
Germany Y Y
Ireland y Y
Luxembourg Y Y
Monaco Y Y
Netherlands Y Y
New Zealand Y  
Poland Y  
Portugal  Y   
Spain  Y  
Sweden Y Y
Switzerland Y  
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