“We chose Brüel & Kjær to provide noise monitoring because of their professional approach and for their simple and complete solution to noise monitoring” Tomas Zeltner, CEO MVZ 

Noise Sentinel is a subscription-based noise monitoring service where all of the setup, maintenance and reporting is performed by Brüel & Kjær’s experts. Subscribers simply specify their monitoring requirements and Brüel & Kjær supplies and installs the necessary Noise Monitoring Terminals (NMT). Managers can then access all noise data online in real-time, and receive SMS messages and emails of important events.

The nature of MVZ’s business means that they typically get involved in projects as construction is very close to starting and equipment is needed quickly. As is often the case when noise monitoring is required, construction is forbidden to start until monitoring is established - placing pressure on timely delivery.

In the online Noise Sentinel Real Time Control App, current noise levels are displayed over an aerial photograph of the site. The 3 noise monitoring locations and current noise level are shown as green circles (top left, lower centre and lower right). A summary is also shown in the blue boxes on the left-hand side. Should noise levels exceed defined limits an alert is created and shown in red on the right-hand side. The viewer can click this to see more details, listen to the audio at the time of the alert and enter text relating to the alert.

MVZ contracted Brüel & Kjær to provide a Noise sentinel solution, which would monitor noise at 3 locations around the construction area. Within weeks of receiving notice to proceed, Brüel & Kjær installed Noise Monitoring terminals at carefully designated places, which measure the noise and send data to the Noise sentinel Real time Control app in real-time via 3G telecommunications. Noise sentinel monitors the noise levels at each location continuously every ½ second. should levels exceed defined limits then alerts are immediately transmitted to designated persons via email or sMs. On receiving a noise alert, immediate action can be taken to stop the activity or reduce the noise exposure.

We help our customers measure and manage the quality of sound and vibration in their products and in the environment
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