MVZ has no experience in construction noise monitoring, so Noise Sentinel was an ideal fit for their requirements, as it doesn’t need any knowledge of noise. With Noise Sentinel, Brüel & Kjær installs all the equipment, ensures it remains operating, and provides web access to easy-to-use tools that enable contractors to manage their noise impact. Neither MVZ, nor the construction contractor need to get involved unless limits are exceeded, leaving them both to focus on their main tasks and not on operating noise monitoring equipment.

Without Noise Sentinel, MVZ could have been unable to bid for the infrastructure contract or would have had to leave out the noise monitoring part, leaving the main contractor with an additional procurement headache.

Noise Sentinel has been able to simplify the contractor’s procurement and increase business opportunities for MVZ, while simultaneously providing a better result for the project owner and helping to minimise impact on surrounding community.

All we need is an alarm if we exceed 70 dB(A) - everything else is there to go back to in case we need to respond to complaints or our noise impact gets challenged later.

Preben Christensen, Construction Site Manager, MVZ
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