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Tunnelling Award FinalistTunnelling Award FinalistNoise Sentinel is a Web-based subscription service that provides continuous, real-time monitoring and compliance management. Audio playback for investigation and comprehensive reporting provides a traceable record of your regulatory compliance.

Originally developed to address industrial activities causing noise disruptions, it has gradually developed to include noise, ground vibration, dust, and air quality.

We make it simple for you

  • We manage the entire system for you 24 hours a day
  • We maximise your data completeness with monitoring and data recovery
  • We look after all standards traceability so you can use the data to defend your position should you be challenged
  • All equipment is removed and sites made good at the completion of the programme
  • Our flexible service adapts to changes in the monitoring programmes, adding features and additional monitoring sites whenever necessary
  • We are responsible and accountable for all types of measurement
Easily get the business outcomes you need with managed, continuous environmental monitoring services.
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