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How does it work?

Noise Sentinel operates using the latest cloud computing techniques. This provides a secure and scalable architecture that delivers the performance, reliability and accessibility required by our customers. Cloud computing also makes setup simple and reduces costs.

One or more Noise Monitoring Terminals (NMTs) are located at the facility being monitored. The number and location are often defined within environmental impact studies. Additionally, a system may comprise Vibration Monitoring Terminals and/or Dust and Air Quality Monitoring Units. Data are communicated from the monitoring units via a 3G mobile data connection to the Internet and then to Noise Sentinel in the cloud.

Noise Sentinel performs data integrity checking, storage, processing and then formats the results into reports and presentations.

Noise Sentinel can be accessed by the user from any Web browser. Access is available 24 hours a day, making Noise Sentinel usable by teams of people located in different geographical areas. Data are received in real-time and presented to users with only a few seconds’ delay.

Noise Sentinel is a web-based subscription serviceNoise Sentinel is a web-based subscription service

The different elements of Noise Sentinel are targeted at different users:

  • Real-time Control application: For on-site technical staff who are typically tasked with monitoring a wide range of environmental, security and operational equipment
  • Noise Sentinel Client: Provides more detailed analysis of information for staff responsible for environmental impact analysis
  • Stakeholder Web: Intended for corporate presentations, regulators, council officials and community members
  • EMSOC Monitoring: The entire Noise Sentinel process is monitored by our global monitoring services and by regional service coordinators  
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