Type 3655-C-DMO comes with two powerful batteries and two chargers. Power for the system may be provided by any or all or the following:

  • One of the included batteries (QB-0079)
  • Both of the included batteries (QB-0079)
  • One of the included chargers (ZG-0857), provided mains power is available
  • Both of the included chargers (ZG -0857), provided mains power is available
  • External DC power 12 – 24 V

The internal batteries can power the system for 32 hours (typical) with the router. In addition, the hand-held analyzer has an internal Li-Ion battery, that provides a further 8 hours of power for the analyzer, itself.

The case’s batteries use lithium-ion (Li-Ion) technology, well known from mobile phones, portable PCs and hand tools. These lightweight batteries make Type 3655-C-DMO compact and completely portable. Li-Ion batteries are renowned for their excellent charge retention, lack of ‘memory’, and very high energy efficiency (5 times better power to weight ratio than traditional lead-acid batteries). For reliable long-life operation, the batteries have internal circuitry to protect against shorts and over-discharge.

The chargers are used to charge the batteries prior to measurements but may also be used to power the system during measurement if mains power is available. The NMT comes with a 1.5 m mains power cable for use with AC power (100 – 240 V AC, 0.6 A, 50 – 60 Hz).

You can also use an external 12 – 24 V DC power source that includes a suitable power guard to enable correct and safe restart after external power has been lost.

All power sources are connected to the case’s power panel, which always directs power from the source with the highest voltage to supply the measurement system and optional modems.

You may connect or disconnect power sources at any time during measurement as long as just one power source remains in operation, including during hot-swapping of batteries.

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