Reliable Unattended Measurements

Measurement integrity is of primary importance in noise measurement situations, whether for inside or outside or for attended or unattended measurements. Class 1, as described in the current sound level meter standard IEC 61672 – 1:2002, is the grade of accuracy often required for hand held measurements.

In addition nothing less than Class 1 accuracy is required for outdoor measurement systems incorporating rain shields, wind shields or any other form of environmental protection used in microphone systems. Placing a small device, such as a rain guard, in close proximity to the microphone diaphragm may produce significant acoustic disturbance and thus measurement errors at mid and high frequencies.

Hand-held Analyzer Type 2250-L and Outdoor Microphone Type 4952 are a type approved system combination, independently approved to Class 1 accuracy by PTB in Germany (see type approval certificate: Fig. 2). This ensures that the measurement system complies with the minimum requirements of accuracy for unattended noise measurement, a consideration often overlooked in portable noise measurement systems. Type approval of the system to IEC 61672–1:2002 also permits the weather-protected measurement system to be laboratory calibrated in accordance with part III of this sound level meter standard.


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