Outdoor Microphone Type 4952

The compact and lightweight Outdoor Microphone Type 4952 is suitable for long periods of unattended outdoor operation and the ideal choice for use with the Type 3655-C-DMO system.

The microphone is protected against the effects of wind, rain and perching birds and, with the hand-held analyzer, fulfils IEC 61672 Class 1 requirements. The reference direction angle of incidence can be set to 0° or 90°, dependent on the noise monitoring application. Inside the microphone is a highly stable pre-polarized free-field 1/2" microphone cartridge with a stainless steel diaphragm.

You can mount the microphone on the supplied tripod using Tripod Adaptor UA-1707 or on a 1" thread pole.

Type 4952 is recommended for extended use in all kinds of weather. Up to 100 m of microphone extension cable can be used while maintaining measurement accuracy.

Based on Hand-held Analyzer Type 2250-L with Noise Monitoring Software BZ-7232, it functions exactly as Noise Monitoring Terminal Type 3639-A in a portable case rather than a mounted cabinet.

The noise monitoring functionality includes CIC checks, optional event detection and sound recording for extended periods of monitoring. The unit includes a router for remote viewing of real-time results and to remotely control the unit from Noise Sentinel – On Demand. Data can be automatically downloaded realtime or on connection with the server.

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