How can Noise Sentinel Help?

Noise Sentinel systems are used by local councils across the globe to manage noise in the urban area.

  • Monitoring noise and reporting long term trends to inform policy decisions
  • Whilst most noise abatement activity takes place at the policy level and is developed over long periods of time, Noise Sentinel forms an immediate and very visible part of your noise mitigation strategy
  • Sharing noise information with the community via the Noise Sentinel stakeholder web builds trust. It shows stakeholders that you are aware of the issue and are taking it seriously
  • Noise Sentinel systems integrate with other urban monitoring solutions such as dust and air quality monitoring and even road traffic monitoring so that you can manage everything in one easy to use web based solution, saving you time and allowing you to achieve more.

A range of additional tools are available to help in the various tasks involved in managing urban noise, from simple sound level meters to comprehensive noise prediction tools. More information is available on below.

A range of additional tools are available to help in managing urban noise

  • Determine noise sources: Assessment +Read More Determine noise sources: Assessment
    Assessing noise is essential to ensure that noise limits are respected. Noise limits in urban environments are defined per source type – i.e., they are specific for traffic, construction sites, industrial plants, entertainment and leisure activities, and for neighbours.
    Read More
  • Predict and prevent noise: Planning +Read More Predict and prevent noise: Planning
    Noise planning prevents noise issues arising and optimises the use of resources by managing the future noise environment. Noise mapping is done through calculations, and is essential for planning urban development of residential areas, such as with industrial sites, highways and airports.
    Read More
  • Manage noise: Learn to do things right +Read More Manage noise: Learn to do things right
    Knowledge and skills make a practical difference in the everyday work to abate noise. Improve your noise management skills with Brüel & Kjær training courses, ranging from the basics of noise and its effects to more specialised classes on noise planning, assessment and control.
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